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Prize Ceremony
odul_KUCUKThe World u-16 Youth Chess Olympiad ended with the prize ceremony held on the same day of the final round. The ceremony began with a minute of silence in memory of Ataturk, the founder of Turkish Republic and hearing of Turkish National Anthem and FIDE Anthem. Afterwards a short opening speech was given by Turkish Chess Federation(TCF) President and FIDE Vice President Ali Nihat Yazici.
And the Champion is…Russia!
IMG_2610It was a walk on a tightrope maybe, but in the end it lead to victory for the young Russian team! Their opponents gave them a good fight and second seed Iran was even closer to the first prize before the final round but as Iran dropped 1,5 points to Poland Russia managed to score 3,5 points against Armenia to move forward, just in the right time! Congratulations Russia for yet another win in an international competition! Let’s see if their elderly countrymen will also be able to win gold medal in the Olympiad or not.
Interview with GM David Arutinian
IMG_2161_2As the World U-16 Olympiad goes on we managed to make an interview with the coach of Australia-A in the analysis lounge, GM David Arutinian. He kindly accepted our offer and gave us mortals and aspiring young players valuable advices.

Hello David!


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself both as a chess player and as a chess coach to make our readers more familiar with you?
Eighth Round: The See-Saw Ride of Iran and Russia Continues!
8Today it was Russia's turn to go up in the see-saw. The leader, Iran, managed to beat Azerbaijan 2,5-1,5 but it wasn't enough to cling to their place at the peak as Russia steamrolled over Australia-A with 3-1 to reach the same game points as Iran but due to better tie breaks Russia takes the first place. Iran has to fare better than Russia in the next round to take the driving seat again, we'll see if they can do it once more or not.
Seventh Round: Azerbaijan Stops Russia and Lets Iran Pass!
IMG_1953It was as if the Azerbaijani players had read the report of the previous round and wanted to show that they knew the answer! By helding Russia to a 2-2 draw in a heroic effort Azerbaijan added much more excitement to the last rounds. Moreover Iran delivered a huge blow to the hopes of Serbia and in a dramatic turn of events climbed to the first place! Now it is Russia who has to catch up with the leader and everything will depend on the points both teams will gather in the remaining three rounds and every half a point is a matter of life!

Despite Akhmetov’s nice win against Narayanan Kazakhstan had to concede 2,5 points to their strong opponents, India who follow Azerbaijan from a one point distance together with Lithuania who overcame Georgia 3-1. Laurusas’ win against Beradze on the first board was especially noteworthy, a game in which bishop and passed pawns proved to be stronger than a rook and a knight and despite Beradze’s efforts to cast doubt upon his opponent’s sacrifice in the final position it was clear that every piece ended up in right place. Peru tied Australia-A in a match where the female players proved the worth since they saved Peru from a defeat with two wins whereas boys had to accept their fate and succumbed to their Australian chessaroos. The finish of the game on the second board was picturesque, one which would make Philidor proud.
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